Claire Prenton - Ceramic Artist


Claire Prenton is a British ceramic artist who lives in Cincinnati Ohio.

Claire’s delicate porcelain pieces in her Beach and Wildlife collections express her love of detail, ornamentation and nature. Each item is perfectly formed by hand and then exuberantly embellished with shells, pearls, coral, tentacles, leaves and twigs ‐ all of which are individually placed or stamped, slip is then trailed to create depth and richness. Her work has a vintage quality and is about reflection, memories and looking to the past.

Claire studied Design Crafts at the Cumbria College of Art and Design specializing in textile design and embroidery. She then gained a Certificate in Education from the University of Central Lancashire while teaching art at Nelson and Colne College.

In 2004 she moved to Seattle with her husband and subsequently became a work‐study student at the Kirkland Arts Center assisting in the pottery studio and taking classes from Carol Gouthro. This was the turning point where Claire found her passion for pottery. Claire moved to Cincinnati in 2011 where she has her own ceramic studio.

Claire's work is available for purchase through The Sherrie Gallerie, Columbus Ohio.

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